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Spa Education



Develop and train your team to ensure growth and success

At HUW Enterprises we are passionate about offering informative seminars that address topics that are important to help our clients grow their business and their careers. A well trained team will continue to grow in a soft economy, helping to ensure success for your spa business!

HUW Enterprises Spa Training will help you and your staff by teaching you how to:

  • Focus on revenue generating opportunities
  • Analyse your own business as well as your competitors
  • Create a sound business plan
  • Motivate your staff to develop quality service
  • Create your own strategies for sustained growth and profitability


Overview of Spa Operations and Management Course

created by Hugh Jones, M.Ed

The Spa Operations and Management Course includes 15 chapters and an introductory section. This course covers the paramount topics such as Leadership and Management, Spa Industry Statistics, Outline for a Business Plan, and Retail for Spa Revenues just to name a few. Also included is the section “Five Steps to assure your Success” which will get you on the right track. To learn more about Huw’s Spa Operations and Management Course call the below listed number or click the contact link at the top of the page.

Award winning spa education program: Learn in your own place at your own pace. Hugh has created a series of one day seminars designed to train your staff to improve quality of service and profitability. courses

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