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HUW Enterprises

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Spa Procurement



Furniture...Equipment...Spa Supplies...Retail...IT Software


We research and source globally to bring you the very best quality and choices within a vast inventory, for spa, salon and fitness facilities.

Whether your vision is clinical, wellness, health, holistic, ayurvedic, etc...we can provide all you need to open your doors. We understand the importance of daily operational systems and procedures to ensure your facility is profitable from the beginning. Our simplistic PAR stock and re-order system minimizes costly mistakes in the management of back bar, consumable items and retail stock.

  • Spa, salon and fitness equipment
  • Spa and salon furniture
  • Custom inline cabinetry with installation
  • Communal areas and locker rooms
  • Reception and retail areas
  • Aesthetic, facial and massage equipment
  • Aesthetic medical equipment
  • Hydrotherapy equipment
  • Spa, salon and fitness uniforms
  • Linens, robes and towels
  • Spa and salon dispensary and back bar
  • Custom bath and body manufacturing
  • Private label skincare
  • Hospitality products
  • Skincare, bodycare and cosmetics
  • Retail and custom music
  • IT and software system
  • Marketing and media


Technical Support and Warranties

Investing in the most appropriate and profitable equipment is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions made when opening a spa, salon and or fitness facility. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with respected manufacturers for prferred pricing and ongoing technical support for our clients.

We provide installation information and operational technical data sheets for all equipment purchased.  We include pre-delivery instructions, shipping & tracking, warranty information and we work with your architect and developer during the design phase, and with your contractor during the installation phase on your behalf.

Post opening, you will have access to ongoing technical and training support programs.


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