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Kenneth Ryan
Senior Director Global Spa Operations, Marriott
"It was an honor to be able to attend your Spa Directors Educational Program. The week long class directed by Hugh Jones continues to prove your committment to improving and educating the spa industry. Having been in the industry for the past 6 years, found the class extremely educational and it has given me numerous new ideas; Hugh's tremendous spa experience and willingness to share his knowledge has proven to be invaluable."

Maureen Vipperman
Corporate Spa Director Ocean Properties, Sandpearl Resort, Florida
"Hugh is an exceptional teacher and an asset to this company. He has a great deal of knowledge to share and is open and willing to help is students become successful. He is truly a rare find in the hospitality industry."

Michael Tompkins
Director of Fitness and Spa, Borken Sound Club, FL
"I appreciate how you were able to personalize the course for all the different "backgrounds" you had in the room. I felt the information presented applied to my situation and, from what I gathered, all the others felt the same. Thank you for being an educator and not just one who lectures."

Yolanda Harris
Spa Manager, Gaylord Nashville, TN
"The Spa Directors Course that I attended 6 years ago has prepared me mentally and physically for the daily opportunities of this ever changing industry. I believe this course has given me the ground work to become an effective Manager. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a more advanced education in the Spa business, to take this course."

Jessica Barnett
Florida Gulf Coast University Spa Management Student
"Hugh Jones’ Spa Operations and Management course is a must take for anyone who is in the spa industry or aspires to be. Jones’ years of experience in spa management and world-wide consulting makes him an invaluable asset to professionals in the spa industry. Whether you are a seasoned spa professional or new to the industry, there is something to be learned from Jones’ course. The abundance of information along with structured steps and key techniques that are offered in Hugh Jones’ Spa Operations and Management course are critical for spa professionals to have in their armor in order to run a truly successful spa."

Ms. Barnett is the winner of the 2011 ISPA Scholarship

Carmen Satchell Nash
"It has been my pleasure to develop an academic and professional relationship with Professor Hugh Jones. Through his Spa operations and Spa Wellness and Healthy Cuisine courses I have been able to develop a firm grasp on the spa industry which in turn has opened the door for numerous job and networking opportunities. The knowledge I have gained through his one-on-one mentorship has become paramount in my success including a job offer from the Ritz Carlton Naples, Florida . I recently had the pleasure of being nominated as the 2012 recipient of the Mary Tabacchi scholarship from the International Spa Association and was featured in American Spa magazine and Skin Inc. magazine as a young leader in the spa industry. I am thankful for the guidance and mentorship of Professor Jones and will continue to utilize his advice in my career advancement."

Koichi M.Tadokoro
Senior Vice President The Bay Beach Club and Spa Waikoloa Village. The Big Island. Hawaii.

"I have known Robert D.Henry and Hugh Jones since attending a spa development workshop in Los Angeles. Following the workshop I interviewed them and several other spa consultants with regards to consulting services for the design and development for a spa and beach club in Waikoloa Village on The Big Island of Hawaii. Robert Henry and Hugh Jones bring unique experience to a spa project through their individual expertise in spa design and spa operations. Both have worked on award winning projects and together they bring many advantages to a spa development and look out for the owner’s best interest. Following their initial visit and on completion of the spa design and feasibility study I am completely satisfied with both the quality of work and the professionalism they have displayed."


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